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Study & Practice program at Paramita Centre

​The activities offered by the Centre follow the Practice Program of the Paramita Centre. In the more or less long term, we plan to also offer the program of deeper studies. The teachings are transmitted according to the same tradition as the most important Tibetan monasteries, like from Ganden Jangtse Monastery, where Lama Samten completed his studies as Gueshe (an equivalent of a PhD in Buddhist philosophy). Our main objective is to make the Tibetan Buddhist wisdom and the studies done in this great monasteries accessible to the great public to full extent.​

To begin with


As a way to start, the Meditation classes are offered in different cities. You can check the classes offered in different cities.​ Even if you already practice meditation, the meditation class will give you interesting and deeper techniques and knowledge about the functioning of the mind. It will give you a solid foundation to be well prepared for the following class which is Lamrim Introduction. 


The program


The first element of the study program, which is the foundation and the essence of the entire Buddhist path, is the Lamrim Introduction. All Buddha's Teachings are included in it and it presents the global perspective of the path to happiness and enlightenment. As the calm-abindig Meditation Course introduces the deep elements of the Buddhist philosophy, we strongly recommend to follow it  as a prerequisite for the Lamrim Course. Most people appreciate having taken the meditation class before taking Lamrim Introduction class.


Going deeper

Thereafter, other classes are offered to go deeper into the Buddhist Teachings. These classes give more tools to continue the path towards the enlightenment. The transmission of empowerments allow us also to deepen our integration on different elements of the spiritual path. Group of practices are organized occasionally.




Retreats can be great opportunities to learn, deepen and integrate more some elements already seen during regular classes. We offer regularly Meditation Retreats for 2 days or longer duration.

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