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Meditation Courses, Workshops & Retreats


Our meditation courses are meant for beginners as well as for more advanced meditators. Although our groups are mostly made up of first-time meditators, there are also those who have already practiced meditation and are seeking another technique. There are as well those who wish to take the course for the second or third time in order to improve their meditative skills.


The next Meditation Course will be held this winter on 4 Full Saturdays (click here). The next one will be in Spring (12 weeks, evening or morning schedule, click here).


If you cannot commit for the whole course of if you just want to try a one time event, we have different workshops.


Also available, are MEDITATION RETREATS of ONE, TWO or FIVE days or more meant for those desirous of attaining a more profound state of calm-abiding. The meditation course serves generally as an introduction and dwells only briefly on Buddhist teaching. It focuses primarily on the methods for attaining calm-abiding and a better understanding of the mind and emotions. 



As a follow up to this course, those who wish to learn more about Buddhist philosophy are invited to follow a course on the Lamrim

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