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Pilgrimage in North India &
Meditation Retreat in
Gajang Kongpo Monastery 

January 2025

This is the project of our pilgrimage & retreat in India for 2025.

Next January, Lama Samten and Tenzin Gawa (Jason) will fly to South India for a 10-day meditation retreat in Gajang Kongpo Monastery, together with a visit the most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites in North India, like Bodhgaya and Sarnath. You are welcome to join us. We ask certain essential prerequisites, in order to take full advantage of this spiritual journey. The best preparation would be to have followed the Courses given at Paramita Centre : Calm-Abiding Meditation Course and Lamrim (Buddhist Philosophy) Course, and having started or completed Deeper Lamrim Course; or else, if you already studied and practiced Buddhism since a while. You can see here the video of our retreat at Gajang Kongpo monastery in 2017. The price of your stay should be approximately 3200$, including all meals, lodging and visits. You have to add on top of that the price of the international flight.


You can register here to be informed of the upcoming Information Meeting in the Spring of 2024:

Here is a preview of our program:

Day 1: Departure from Toronto

Day 2: Arrive in Delhi. Night in Delhi hotel.
Day 3: Visit Delhi.

Day 4: Flight to Bodhgaya. Meditation and teachings under the Bodhi Tree, in Bodhgaya, where the Buddha achieved Enlightenment.

Day 5: Visit the place where Buddha practiced ascetic life for 6 years and received the milk and rice pudding from Sujata at Niranjana River before achieving Enlightenment.

Day 6: Visit the ruin of Nalanda University and Vulture peak, where Buddha taught the Prajnaparamita (perfection of widsom)

Day 7: Flight to Varanasi. Night in the Tibetan Monastery of Sarnath

Day 8: Meditation and Teachings in Sarnath, where the Buddha gave his first teaching : the Fourn Noble Truths. Visit of Varanasi and the Ganga River in the evening.
Day 9: Flight to Hubli. Arrive at Monastery. Rest & meet the monks in Gajang Kongpo Monastery
Day 10 to 19: Retreat of Meditation and Teachings at Gajang Kongpo Monastery
Day 20: Transfer to Hubli and Bengalore

Day 21: Fly Back to Toronto.



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