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Planning an event for your organization

Meditation and Buddhist philosophy can be beneficial and relevant to anyone who has interest. It is accessible to anyone, no matter one's faith or beliefs. It is a wisdom that anyone can benefit from.

Topics of presentations

You can invite someone from Paramita Centre to lead a session of Meditation or give a talk about a wide range of topics such as :

- Dealing with stress

- Dealing with emotions such as anger, jealousy, etc.

- Becoming a better human being

- Creating harmony between individuals

- Dealing with ego

- Etc.

Types of organizations or events where you can invite someone from Paramita Centre


Here are just some examples:


- Schools

- Association of parents homeschooling

- Businessess

- Funerals

- Wellness Event

- Associations working with people having a mental issue

- And many more...

Just contact us if you have any question!

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