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Spiritual teacher

Lama Samten, spirituel teacher of Paramita Centre


Lama Lobsang Samten was born near Lhasa, Tibet, in 1965. He began his monastic studies in Tibet at Gaden Monastery at the age of twelve, and was ordained a monk at the age of fifteen.


In 1985, he left Tibet tu pursue his studies at Ganden Jangtse Monastery rebuilt in Mundgod, located in South India.


In 1997, he accepted an invitation to visit the province of Quebec, and in 1999, agreed to settle in Chicoutimi.  His goal is to share the Buddha’s teaching with all who are interested.  Lama especially wishes to promote the understanding of Buddhism and demonstrate how it extends far beyond cultural and religious frontiers. As he has said:


“Whatever your religious origin, an interest in Buddhism can be truly useful because it offers an important insight into the fundamental problems of human existence. Because Buddhism is founded on the principles of non-violence, universal compassion and world peace, it places great importance on global responsibility aimed at kindness, altruism and harmony among all human beings. Ultimately, Buddhism aims at maintaining the fragile balance of our planet and developing the hope of a better life. It opens the door to open-mindedness, mutual understanding, and dialogue beyond all differences. In the end, it is a question of survival.”


Monastic Studies


University studies in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy require many years. They include numerous subjects and a vast variety of specialized fields of study. Lama Samten studied at Ganden University in South India. It is a very large university also known under the name of “ Ganden University of Buddhist Philosophy and Psychology”.




The legacy of spiritual achievements attained by the many sages throughout Tibetan history inspired Lama Samten to follow the long monastic path. It is indeed because of their unlimited compassion for all beings that these wise men achieved so many great works. From his earliest childhood, Lama has nurtured this same heartfelt compassion for all living beings.

Toronto Centre teachers


Jason Simard, student of Tibetan Master Lama Samten

Jason Simard (Tenzin Gawa)


Jason became interested in Buddhist philosophy in 2000. He met Lama Samten in 2002 and has been studying with him ever since.  He began giving introductory courses in meditation and Buddhist philosophy in 2006. In 2010, he founded the Paramita Centre in Montreal and started activities in Toronto few years after and opening the Toronto Centre in 2019. He took ordination with Geshe Dawa in 2010 and took monk's vows with H.H. Dalaï-Lama in 2014 and received with him full ordination in 2018.


He continues to share his passion for the universal values of compassion and wisdom with students in Quebec, Ontario and Europe and travels regularly to further his studies with the great Tibetan masters in India.



Maya Bélanger(Lobsang Tekchen)


Since 2006, Maya has been interested in Buddhist philosophy. Following several readings, she began meditation classes with Jason Simard. She then followed with lessons with Lama Samten and Geshe Sangpo and completed the academic program of Paramita Centre.


Lama Samten asked her to start teaching on the north shore of Montreal in 2011. Since then, she has given lectures, meditation retreats, and many classes in Canada and Europe. Since January 2017, she is also a Buddhist Chaplain for the Correctional Service of Canada. She teaches meditation and Buddhist philosophy to the incarcerated men in Quebec penitentiaries.


Nora Chacon (Lobsang Norkyi)

After reading a first book of Buddhism at the age of 13, Nora Chacon began her research on Tibetan Buddhist philosophy. Subsequently, her discovery of the Paramita Center and the courses she pursued allowed her to become more immersed in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy. She has been receiving teachings mainly from Lama Samten, Geshe Sangpo and Jason Simard.

She has been teaching for some years now mostly at Montreal in French and English.



Yeshema Minh (Lobsang Yeshema)

      Coming from Buddhist country Viet Nam, Yeshema Minh had interested in Budhist Philosophy since she was born. She was trained by Budhist Monks and Nuns in her family. Specially, she found Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy is vast and profound to help her practice as well as develop her mind training. After being inspired by Dalai Lama lessons in Dharmsala, she continued studying with Lama Samten and Tenzin Gawa (Jason Simard) to complete her academic Budhist program in Paramita centre. 

Her passion is to share Buddhist Philosophy and practice meditation with everyone, so people can have experiences about the benefits of Buddhist lessons to be able to find happiness in present moment. She has been teaching Calm-Abiding Meditaation and Buddhist Philosophy (Lamrim) in Paramita centre in Toronto for some years in English and Vietnamese.



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