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The Essence to the Path of Enlightenment

157 pages written by Tibetan Buddhist Master Lama Samten

To this day, the Lamrim or Stages of the path to enlightenment is the name associated with Atisha's famous text written during his stay in Tibet in the twelfth century. Later transmitted by the tibetan masters until Lama Tsongkhapa's time, it consists in an ordered and detailed sequence of all the stages of meditation which are necessary for attaining perfect enlightenment.

By adapting the teachings to our modern age, Lama Samten hopes to help each and everyone in their search for happiness, peace and liberation according to their aspirations.

It is recommended to receive the verbal instructions of a guide as a support in reading this book.

For downloadable version of this book, consult:

The Essence of the Path to Enlightenment

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