Respecting the practice of meditative throat chanting in the tibetan buddhist philosophy, this chant collection with traditionnal instruments (cymbals,trumpets...) will inspire by the beautifull deep voices, all those in pursuit of inner peace and happiness

With  Lama Samten, Guéshé Tashi Gyentsen et Ghéshé Jampa, tibetan buddhist monks

1. Opening the mind

2. Peace for all

3. Inner letting go

4. Benevolent compassion Mantra

5. Protection Mantra

6. Healing Mantra

7. Love and non-violence

8. Homage to His Holiness the Dalaï-Lama

9. May the best Happen







Buddhist Throat-Singing CD

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    The Paramita Centre is a Tibetan buddhist Centre offering meditation sessions, Buddhist Philosophy Teachings, following the tradition of H.H. Dalaï-Lama in Toronto and Ontario.