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Meditation & courses in

Toronto ( Scarborough)

Workshop | Introduction to meditation on calm-abiding

Meditation is recognized wordly as a remarkable method for restoring our inner peace, stabilizing our mind, understanding and managing our emotions and stress of daily life. This workshop aims to introduce Bouddha's teaching on concentration meditation, and provide some basic, but extremely powerful and beneficial ways to develope a more joyful and serene mind. It was elaborated on the basis of the book "How to Meditate", written by Lama Samten, according to Tibetan Buddhist philosophy. This 2 hours and a half of workshop allows us to take the first contact towards meditation, understand its benefits and focus on the basic important techniques of practice.

Registration required, LIMITED PLACES.​

Date: November 17th, Sunday afternoon ( 2pm till 4:30pm)

Address : Scarborough Civic Centre, meeting room, 156 Borough Drive, Toronto, ON, M1P 4N7

Teacher : Ya-Lin Li

Contact: or (437) 888-8864

Contribution: 20 $ (by interac transfer to :  or through Paypal, adding a 1$ fee in the latter case)


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