Fabric banner with 8 auspicious signs. Heigth 91cm x Width 24,5 cm

  • Parasol:
  • Protection given by the Dharma against afflictives emotions and False views on reality bringing peace and joy to the mind
  • Golden Fish:
  • Symbols of spontaneous freedom of movement in all the the spheres of life without fear in this life and the followings
  • Bumpa (vase of great treasure)
  • Symbol of the plentiful dependant arising that brings to life all desired things and peace in the form of liberation from samsara
  • Lotus flower:
  • Symbol of dependant arising that frees us from all the stains and pains of mistakes (non-virtues of Body, Speech and Mind) bringing with it virtues, happiness and goodness.
  • Conch:
  • Symbol of the Dharma bringing light and wisdom to all the moments of life even in troubled times,
  • like the sound of the voice of Buddha reaching each sentient being in the universe, near or far.
  • Endless knot:
  • Symbol of dependant arizing in Dharma such as: method and wisdom supporting themselves
  • or at the time of buddha state omniscience and great compassion are unified 
  • Victory banner:
  • Symbol of victory over mistakes, non-virtues and all that brings sufferings
  • Dharma wheel:
  • Symbol of the Ultimate Truth offered to all beings to obtain liberation from the samsara and Ultimate profound Happiness resulting in the state of buddhahood for the well-being of all.









Banner with 8 auspicious signs

    Meditation in Toronto and Ontario


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    The Paramita Centre is a Tibetan buddhist Centre offering meditation sessions, Buddhist Philosophy Teachings, following the tradition of H.H. Dalaï-Lama in Toronto and Ontario.