Pilgrimage in North India &

Meditation Retreat in

Gajang Kongpo Monstery 

January 2021

Temple à Leh
Temple à Leh

Statue du Bouddha Maitreya, Ladakh
Statue du Bouddha Maitreya, Ladakh


Temple à Leh
Temple à Leh

In the winter of 2021, Lama Samten and Jason Simard will fly to South India for a 10-day meditation retreat in Gajang Kongpo Monastery and they will visit to some typical Buddhist sites in North India, like Bodhgaya and Sarnath. You are welcome to join us as you wish. At the same while, certain essential prerequisites are necessary in order to take full advantage of this spiritual journey. You have to attend the preparatory classes (meditation on calm-abiding and Buddhist philosophy Lamrim). You can see here the video of our retreat at Gajang Kongpo monastery in 2017 (recorded by François Zeller).


Contact : yalin@paramitamontreal.org

January 3rd : Departure from Toronto

January 4th : Arrive in Mumbai
January 5th : Flight to Hubli
January 6th : Rest & meet the monks in Gajang Kongpo Monastery
January 7th to 13 : Retreat
January 14th : Flight to Varanasi
January 15th : Visit Sarnath and Varanasi
January 16th : Take minibus to Bodhgaya
January 17th : Visit Bodhgaya and its surroundings

January 18th : Visit the ruin of Nalada University, Rajgir and Vulture peak

January 19th : Visit the place where Buddha practiced ascetic life and received the milk and rice pudding from Sujata near Falgu River
January 19 th : Night train to Delhi 
January 20th : Visit Delhi
January 21st : Fly Back to Toronto